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Dr. Bakshi Healthcare Private Ltd

Dr. Bakshi's Healthcare (DBH) is driven by the guiding principle of partnering with patients on a collaborative health journey to address the root cause of afflictions. DBH offers comprehensive programmes and customised interventions for chronic lifestyle disorders and emotional wellbeing disruptions. While conventional approaches address symptoms without investigating the root cause, DBH removes symptoms by addressing the root cause.

  • DBH wanted a system that would help them capture detailed information about Patients, Case Files, Medical History, and Wellness Programmes. The current process was manual, and all the information was captured into excel sheets.
  • DBH wanted the tool which would get engage with Patients, Practitioners, and Clinicians to build long-lasting relationships.
  • DBH had the vision to transform the processes into a one-stop shop for wellness and holistic services by adding new features and onboarding patients on the platform.
  • Manual scheduling of appointments and booking led to 30 % unattended cases.
  • There was no process to record the Pharmacy Inventory and Payments.
  • DBH required a single source of truth that cascades all operational functions; real-time analytics with customised role-based dashboards with mobile access.

The Solution

An easy to use DBH App was developed to resolve these challenges for internal departments. It supports the healthcare experts in their day-to-day activities using a collaborative and workflow-based approach towards patients and to deliver wellness programmes.

Technology Stack

  • Front-End : HTML , CSS , Angular
  • INTEGRATION : Razor Pay , Office 365
  • SECURITY : CLOUD FLARE : Web Application Firewall , SSL , Unmetered Mitigation of DDOS, Global Content Delivery Network

Business Impact


  • The easy-to-use UI has significantly improved all user’s efficiency.
  • Moved from a manual approach to a collaborative software solution that increased the effectiveness of team.
  • Automated appointment planning ensured the real time information of patients and healthcare practitioners.
  • On all billable activity, consistently billed and tracked every amount of every patient.
  • Provided follow-up service with 100% satisfaction unique for each Patient.
  • Fast delivery of patient reports

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