City Profiling and Geo Infrastructure

Building Spatial Infrastructure for Urban Development

Powerful Tools for Building Spatial Infrastructure
Digital Mapping

Mapping technologies linked with the location intelligence will provide city administrators the necessary data to plan, develop, and govern cities effectively.

Location Intelligence

Location based intelligence will help cities to measure variation against plan for their long term urban governance plans.

Smart Maps

Smart Map-based decision support models to manage the resources sustainably.

Visualising Cities through Prism of Digital Technologies
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Property Survey

ICOMS GIS Property Survey covers the entire spectrum of property and utility mapping with the help of a mobile app. We match the confined data with the municipal database for better results in favour of the municipal corporations. This mapping process fulfils the entire demand for digital data of land surveys to be delivered in a GIS format.

Using ICOMS mobile app for Property Surveys eliminates the use of paper sheets for recording information in the field. Instead of paper sheets, data is recorded into a mobile app specifically for the Property Survey process and stored securely in the cloud. Digitising information is beneficial for Municipal Corporations and businesses to ensure accuracy that the data collected on site is recorded in real-time, for the most accurate recollection of details on site.

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Spatial Infrastructure

ICOMS Spatial Infrastructure advances the urban ecosystem toward digital technologies and location-based mapping services and provides a smart environment to the citizens.

ICOMS Spatial Infrastructure will enable all ULBs to draw their city boundaries, ward boundaries, assets (CT/ PT, processing plants, STP, FSTP, etc.) boundaries, map existing geospatial data and collect geo-location of all facility points in existence. This GIS application will provide a wide range of capabilities such as data visualisation, analysis, understanding, and insight into city or ULBs’ activities, both current and planned.

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