Asset Management

Tools for intelligent asset management in cities

Intelligent Asset Management, Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance, and Reliability in a single platform
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Asset Management

ICOMS Asset Management solution enables entities to digitise the city assets infrastructure. It combines RFID tags, Asset Management System, and Mobile App. By tagging all bins, containers, households, commercials, and any other city asset, the entities can identify and record all assets in a digital inventory in the Asset Management System. The solution simplifies bin tracking, household and commercial tracking, communication, and invoicing. It also restrains an unauthorised use of bins and other related assets.

ICOMS offers tags and stickers. Visual identification is ensured by a number code, bar code, or QR code. Asset details can be accessed in the Mobile App by scanning the code on the tag with a phone camera. The ICOMS solution does not require the use of any readers. The Mobile App is a tool for asset mapping, service verification, and requests for collection or maintenance.

City infrastructure is digitalised through a powerful cloud-based platform on MS- Azure in the ICOMS Asset Management System. The dashboard offers inventory, an interactive digital map, tools for qualitative analysis of the city infrastructure (household, bin distribution, capacity, and more), maintenance records, collection records, and an overview of citizen feedback.

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